3 trades that get Eric Gordon to a contender

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The Houston Rockets have one final symbolic move to put the past behind them fully– trade Eric Gordon. Gordon remains the lone player on the roster that was on the Rockets' most recent playoff team. His six seasons in Houston were some of the most successful in the franchise’s history, and he was a key contributor. However, as the Rockets embark deeper into their rebuild and Gordon’s NBA clock inches ever closer to midnight, it behooves both to find Gordon a new home.   

The list of fake Eric Gordon trades has slowly been accumulating for the past year and for good reason. He is the exact type of player that contenders target. He can space the floor, create his own offense, defend multiple positions, and has more playoff experience than some franchises. However, his contract makes it difficult to fit him into many teams’ cap sheets. 

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It’s likely that the Rockets will move Gordon to a contender at some point. That could mean selling low or an injury creating a need. However, due to the difficulty in finding a trade partner, the expectations for a return need to be muted. Gordon is unlikely to fetch a first-round pick all on his own. If the Rockets were to take a bad contract then a first comes back into play. The market for mid-tier players is not that robust right now, while the market for All-Stars is booming. 

Gordon is too good and too available to play out his contract as a Rocket. These are three trades that get Eric Gordon to a contender.