3 ways Lakers superfan was way off with embarrassing Rockets claim

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3. The Rockets aren't paying VanVleet and Brooks $210 million

This Twitter account "LakeShowYo" makes the claim that the Rockets shelled out $210 million to Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks, which is also incorrect. I understand the sentiments and what they were trying to do with the verbiage but their math is off.

For starters, Brooks' deal is worth upto $80 million, with incentives included in the total number (the exact amount is yet to be announced). But based on what we know about Rockets GM Rafael Stone and how creative he's shown himself to be as it pertains to constructing contracts, it wouldn't be surprising if Brooks doesn't receive the full $80 million dollar for dollar.

See Kevin Porter Jr.'s contract. If you recall, the initial reporting on Porter's deal was that it was a four-year deal worth $82.5 million (nearly identical to Brooks) but it was later determined that Porter's deal only includes $15.86 million in guarantees with June trigger dates after the first season, allowing the Rockets to release him at any point.

Obviously Brooks' deal won't include these exact terms, as it's been reported that the deal doesn't include any team or player options, but that the annual figure will descend each year and will include incentives. As it pertains to VanVleet, it's alot clearer; he's not receiving $130 million, unless the Rockets want to pick up his third year and guarantee his third year.

The deal is essentially a two-year deal, with VanVleet slated to make north of $80 million guaranteed.

All in all, the Rockets haven't paid a guaranteed $210 million, but you'd have to keep up with more than just the headlines to know that.

There are a number of things to dunk on the Rockets about but them paying a combined $210 million to VanVleet and Brooks isn't one of them, because that's simply not true.