4 Former Houston Rockets the team can re-sign this summer

Could the Houston Rockets reunite with Robert Covington?
Could the Houston Rockets reunite with Robert Covington? / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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The NBA is not always a sentimental place. It can be a cold, unforgiving world. This is professional basketball. People will put feelings aside to win.

That said, there's room for feel-good stories in the league too. Sometimes, a move makes sense and it happens to make us feel good in the process. Who doesn't love when their favorite team reunites with a former player?

This summer, the Houston Rockets will look to continue upgrading their roster. It wouldn't be surprising to see them add a veteran or two via free agency.

Here are four former Houston Rockets they could reunite with.

4. Marcus Morris Sr.

Granted, Morris Sr. didn't have an illustrious Rockets career. He spent his 2011-12 rookie campaign and half of his sophomore year with the team before they sent him to the Phoenix Suns.

Still, a reunion is a reunion. Morris Sr. has always been a role player, but he's stuck in the league due to his combination of floor spacing and toughness. The Rockets could use both of those qualities.

In fact, toughness has been a huge component of their rebuilt image. Morris Sr. would certainly fit in Ime Udoka's locker room. Still, the Rockets should be more interested in him as a player shooting 44.0% on 2.5 three-point attempts per game in 2023-24.