4 Free agents the Houston Rockets are glad they didn't sign last summer

Could the Houston Rockets have signed Jerami Grant this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets have signed Jerami Grant this summer? / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Last summer, the Houston Rockets had money to burn. Predictably, they burned it.

You're entitled to your opinion on the signings the Rockets made. We've already expressed ours. Here's a fact that can't be denied - the Rockets used their cap space to improve their team significantly.

In this piece, we're not looking at the free agents the Rockets signed. We're looking at the ones they didn't land. Specifically, we're looking at free agents we're glad wound up with different teams.

Here are four free agents the Rockets should be happy they didn't sign last summer.

4. Grant Williams, Charlotte Hornets

Williams is the only player on this list who isn't still with the team that signed him last summer. That isn't a good sign.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the Mavericks moved him at the deadline. Williams averaged 10.3 points per game with a True Shooting % (TS%) of 58.8 in 2023-24

Those numbers are fine. Williams' deal isn't exorbitant, either. He's making roughly $13 million a year.

Still, Williams has unfortunately developed a reputation as a locker room irritant. He's not impactful enough of a player to justify any headache attached to him. The Rockets spent this season establishing their culture, and it's for the best that they did it without Williams.