4 Houston Rockets with most on the line in pivotal 2023-24 season

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
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4. Alperen Sengun

Alperen Sengun being on this list may serve as a surprise, as he could arguably be the most talented player on the Rockets' roster. Sengun is already one of the better centers in the league and he just became old enough to legally buy alcohol.

The Rockets' prodigy has commonly drawn comparisons to Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic- a two-time MVP. And while Sengun may never morph into the five-time All-Star, his talent is undeniable and undisputable.

And the Rockets have him on a rookie deal, which is easily one of the best bargain contracts in the league.

In spite of that, the franchise opted to start Bruno Fernando over him last season. Not only that, they were expecting to replace him with Brook Lopez.

In fact, they thought it was a foregone conclusion.

They were ultimately forced to stick with him and make him their starter.

But not by choice.

Their hand was forced.

And even in spite of that, the Rockets have still tinkered with the idea of supplanting Sengun in the starting lineup. Reportedly.

Sengun will now have to prove his value to a new coach who hasn't seen him in action yet. Furthermore, Sengun will have to prove his value to a coach who thought it was necessary to replace him in the starting lineup.