4 Houston Rockets with most on the line in pivotal 2023-24 season

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
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1. Dillon Brooks

Yes, Dillon Brooks landed a $90 million contract with the Rockets this summer. I'm well aware. 

His role is secure with the Rockets, based on that alone. Brooks was hand-picked by Ime Udoka - another sign of job security. 

The onus will now be on Brooks to prove he was worthy of that contract, as the Rockets have been reamed to infinity and beyond for giving him that deal

And Brooks has heard the noise. It would be impossible for him not to.

Hell, he's even been booed in international matches this summer. 

He's DEFINITELY heard it.

Let's not forget that the Memphis Grizzlies decided that they were not going to be bringing him back, regardless of the circumstances.

They were done.

And not because Brooks isn't a quality player, but rather because he's proven incapable of understanding his role offensively, as he's expressed a belief that he should be more of a focus on that end of the floor.

Spoiler alert: he shouldn't have been. 

Actually, you be the judge. 

Brooks led the Grizzlies in shots in 2020-21 (15.4 shots), was second in 2021-22 (16.4 shots), and finished third last season with 13.6 shots. The Grizzlies were the second-best team in the Western Conference in each of the last two years, yet Brooks was still unhappy with his role offensively. 

Brooks will have to prove that he's a team player, because this would make one think otherwise. And the fact that Tari Eason is already a better player offensively for just a fraction of the price proves that Brooks will need to show up and show out to justify the Rockets giving him this massive pay raise.