4 Key stats that define the Houston Rockets' 2023-24 season

How did the Houston Rockets fare by the numbers in 2023-24?
How did the Houston Rockets fare by the numbers in 2023-24? / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

That's not actually true. The Houston Rockets' 2023-24 season was up and down. It wasn't the best or worst of times. In the aggregate, it was, to quote the great Larry David:

Pretty, pretty good.

The Rockets won 19 more games this year than they did in 2022-23. That was the most substantial improvement in the league. Those results are hard to argue with.

Still, there's room for improvement. The Rockets will need to explore that room ahead of 2024-25. In doing so, rest assured that they'll crunch some numbers.

Here are four stats we'd suggest they should take a look at.

1. Three-point percentage

The Rockets shot 35.3% from long-range in 2023-24 - 23rd in the NBA. That was despite attempting 36.1 threes per game, which ranked 12th in the league.

Shooting fewer threes isn't the answer - shooting better threes is the answer. More specifically, bringing in a better shooter (or two) would serve the Rockets well. Their shot diet was solid - it just didn't have the intended effect.

That isn't likely to be sustainable. If the Rockets are shooting themselves out of games again in 2024-25, they're likely to finish below .500. This summer, they need to acquire at least one reliable shooter and work them into their rotation.