4 Key stats that define the Houston Rockets' 2023-24 season

How did the Houston Rockets fare by the numbers in 2023-24?
How did the Houston Rockets fare by the numbers in 2023-24? / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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3. Pick and roll frequency

Specifically, we're looking at plays where the roll man finishes the set. The Rockets' 7.3% frequency in that play type ranked third in the NBA in 2023-24.

Is that the best use of Alperen Sengun's gifts? Arguably, it would be sensible enough to bring in a Jarrett Allen type if that's going to be his function. Of course, that's reductive - Sengun runs the pick-and-roll differently. His ability to score with an array of face-up moves makes him more dynamic than a lob catcher.

Still, this doesn't feel like the best way to maximize that dynamism. The Rockets should look to find Sengun on the low block more often. They should put him in more dribble hand-off sets. This directly relates to the last slide. It would be easier for Sengun to find more assist opportunities in plays other than the pick-and-roll.

Let's be honest - the pick-and-roll is the lazy man's play. You spam it in NBA2K when you're playing your friend while having a good conversation. Ime Udoka may have been hesitant to introduce more complex ideas to this young group:

In 2024-25, it's time to open up the playbook.