4 most overpaid Houston Rockets heading into next season

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3. Jeff Green

Fresh off of a 2022-23 campaign in which he won his first NBA championship, Jeff Green secured the bag. Green made $4.5 million last season as a reserve who only yielded 19.5 minutes per contest, which was a career-low. Rockets coach Ime Udoka prioritized veterans with championship experience, stating that the young Rockets needed adults in the room.

Green is on a two-year deal worth $19.2 million, with $3.2 million coming in likely incentives. The guaranteed portion of Green's deal is $16 million, giving him an average annual value of $8 million.

This makes Green the fifth-highest-paid player on the Rockets' roster, which seems quite egregious considering the fact that he isn't expected to have a big role on the court. Hell, the last time we saw Green on the court, he made just 28.8 percent of his threes and posted a Player Efficiency Rating of 11, which is well below the league average of 15.

Sure, PER isn't exactly the best metric but that's his lowest mark in that category since 2016-17 and the second-lowest of his career. Also, Green hasn't had a salary this high since 2016-17, in which he made $15 million.

In fact, in just one year with the Rockets, Green will be making practically the same amount of money as he made in two years with the Denver Nuggets. Just to be a locker room guy and potentially play the Udonis Haslem role.

Think about that.