4 players that don't belong on the Rockets' roster

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets
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2. Aaron Holiday

Aaron Holiday will likely not get much playing time, as he’s fairly limited in what he can bring to the table. Sure, he did shoot right at 41 percent from three last season but the volume was so low that we don’t exactly know if he’s an elite 3-point shooter (1.4 attempts per contest).

The Rockets didn’t even give him a fully guaranteed deal, as they know they likely won’t need him. The Rockets were hoping to add experience to a young core, so the logic is understandable on the surface.

However, it would’ve made more sense to give those reserve point guard minutes to newly-drafted rookie Amen Thompson. After all, Holiday will probably land somewhere between 10-18 minutes per game, which is right around where he’s been for the last three seasons consecutively.

The Rockets could’ve easily divided up those minutes between Thompson and Kevin Porter Jr.

Sure, they want to put an end to the KPJ experiment at point guard, but asking him to be a third-string point guard is practically the same thing, as he wouldn’t be playing there for large periods of time.

Furthermore, the Rockets wouldn’t have had to sign Holiday if they never traded TyTy Washington, who they selected 29th overall in the 2022 NBA Draft.