4 Under the radar free agency targets for the Houston Rockets

Could the Houston Rockets add Jae Crowder this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets add Jae Crowder this summer? / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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It didn't require a basketball genius to identify the holes in the Houston Rockets' armor in 2023-24.

The team lacked rim protection and shooting, and everybody knew it. This summer, they're likely to try to fill those holes. To some extent, they've already got rim protection covered after adding Steven Adams to the roster.

How will they look to improve the roster? Well, any team has several paths to adding talent. The Rockets have the third pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, and they have the assets to make a trade. Still, they could look to free agency to make improvements on the margins.

In this piece, we'll avoid the usual suspects. Everyone is linking the Rockets to Malik Beasley. There have been whispers of adding Gordon Hayward.

Here, we're looking at free agents that we're not seeing discussed as frequently.

1. Patrick Beverley

Everyone loves a reunion.

Moreover, everyone loves a scrappy, hard-working player who can space the floor - as long as they're playing for your team, of course. If you've never rooted for Pat Beverley, you probably hate him. If he's been in your team, you surely love him.

The Rockets should love to bring him back. Beverley is a streaky shooter, but he did knock down 36.1% of his triples across 26 games with the Milwaukee Bucks this year. Otherwise, his defensive intensity remains as prominent as ever.

The Rockets could plug him into Aaron Holiday's role. They'd lose a little floor spacing and ball-handling, but it would come with added defensive value. If they sign a shooting speciialist in tandem with Beverley, that could be a trade-off worth considering.