4 Under the radar free agency targets for the Houston Rockets

Could the Houston Rockets add Jae Crowder this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets add Jae Crowder this summer? / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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3. Jae Crowder

If the Rockets are strictly in the market for floor spacing, they may overlook Crowder. He's a career 34.7% shooter. That's fine, but it doesn't give the Rockets the injection of superb spacing they may be looking for.

Here's one player who Crowder can reliably shoot better than - Jae'Sean Tate. Meanwhile, even at 33, Crowder should be able to match Tate's defensive impact. If he's any less mobile, his additional height and wingspan should compensate for that fact.

Why not take a flyer on the veteran? The Rockets have clearly been in hot pursuit of dogs. Crowder is, if you'll forgive the colluquialism, a dawg. He'll bring a competitive fire to this team that they clearly value.

As with Nwora - and frankly, everyone on this list - the cost of adding Crowder shouldn't be prohibitive. The Rockets could pay Crowder back-of-the-bench money and get ninth man production from him. That's a risk worth taking.