4 Under the radar superstars the Rockets could eventually target

Could the Houston Rockets target Anthony Davis?
Could the Houston Rockets target Anthony Davis? / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Kevin Durant. Zion Williamson. Devin Booker. Donovan Mitchell. 

Wait - scratch Mitchell off the list. 

He won't be joining the Houston Rockets any time soon. Mitchell just signed a three-year extension with the Cavaliers. One of the Rockets' most popular trade targets is seemingly off the market. 

It got us thinking. Who else could the Rockets target? In the modern NBA, stars request trades regularly. The Rockets will have the assets to make a move for anyone who shakes loose. We're looking at superstar players who aren't currently in trade rumors.

Here are four superstars we think the Rockets could target down the road.

4. Bam Adebayo 

Adebayo and the Heat are reportedly working on a max extension. Like Mitchell, he won't be available anytime soon. 

What if the Heat continue to flounder? It wouldn't be characteristic for this organization to move their best player. The Heat typically opt to stay in win-now mode. They have an organizational advantage when it comes to attracting talent, so they're less incentivized to bottom out. 

Never say never. Suppose Adebayo did become available. The Rockets would only be interested in him if they wanted to replace Alperen Sengun - that pair won't be viable as a duo. 

We suspect they'd consider it. Adebayo isn't quite the passer that Sengun is, but he's still exceptional in that area. The Rockets could replicate some of their sets that use Sengun as a hub, only with a big man who can guard 1-through-5 instead of a net negative. 

On the other hand, they may prefer to pair someone with Sengun.