4 Under the radar superstars the Rockets could eventually target

Could the Houston Rockets target Anthony Davis?
Could the Houston Rockets target Anthony Davis? / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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2. Anthony Davis 

Does Davis compliment Sengun? Does he compliment Amen? For that matter: does he compliment either? 

It's hard to say. Davis shot 27.1% from long-range last year. He's a career 29.7% shooter. This is not exactly a floor spacer. 

At the same time, Sengun has the potential to improve as a shooter. If he could bump his percentage up to league-average, he could play with Davis if the Rockets continued to have Fred VanVleet run point. Alternatively, Thompson and Davis could be tenable if Davis was playing the 5. 

In other words, Davis could potentially work alongside either Sengun or Thompson, but it's doubtful that all three could co-exist. Either way, we're putting the cart before the horse. Why would the Lakers make Davis available? 

Well, LeBron James may be on pace to become the first NBA player to never retire. Something tells us that, at 39, his days in the NBA are numbered. The Lakers seem stuck on the mediocrity treadmill - if they choose to get off, Davis could become available within the next year or two.