5 Best players the Houston Rockets could trade for on NBA Draft day

Could the Houston Rockets trade for Alex Caruso?
Could the Houston Rockets trade for Alex Caruso? / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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2. Alex Caruso

As far as basketball goes, Caruso is the perfect acquisition. He shot 40.8% on 4.7 three-point attempts per game last year. Although Caruso has been inconsistent throughout his career, he's been trending in the right direction from downtown for some time now.

Oh, we forgot to mention - he's probably the best defensive guard in the NBA. We're quite sure that Ime Udoka would be enamored with Caruso. He can lock down star guards, and he's a heady defensive playmaker who can create havoc for opposing teams.

All of which made Caruso one of the highest-value players in the NBA last year. At just $9.8 million, he was a steal for the Bulls. Now we've landed on the problem - Caruso's contract expires after next season.

His next deal will be lucrative. Moreover, Caruso is 30-years-old. We don't know when he may decline.

That's not to say we wouldn't make a move for him. Caruso could be someone that the Rockets decide they'd like to have around for the next half-decade. If the Bulls decide to rebuild this summer, the Rockets should at least make some inquiries.