5 Best players the Houston Rockets could trade for on NBA Draft day

Could the Houston Rockets trade for Alex Caruso?
Could the Houston Rockets trade for Alex Caruso? / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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1. Mikal Bridges

We know. We're kicking a dead horse. Brace yourselves - we're about to take another kick.

The Rockets own the Nets' draft through to 2027. They're ready to return to the playoffs. The Nets have a player who'd help the Rockets return to the playoffs, and they may like control of their future back.

The Rockets should pass on any deal that includes the Nets' 2025 pick. This team is too weak, too close to a draft that's too strong - the Rockets should protect that asset.

Othewise? Acquiring Bridges, weakening the Nets ahead of that draft, and landing a blue-chip prospect would be a masterstroke. The Rockets should tread carefully in negotiations, but if they can reach an agreement that allows them to keep that pick, the Rockets should pounce.

We can't wait to see what happens on draft day.