5 buyout options for the Rockets

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4. Andre Drummond

It seemed impossible to even imagine Andre Drummond being a potential buyout option just 48 hours ago. We'd heard that Drummond had a robust market and could possibly fetch a first-round pick (albeit a late one).

Shockingly, the Chicago Bulls had a change of heart at the ninth hour and decided to stand pat at the trade deadline. Meaning Drummond (and DeMar DeRozan) will be walking at the end of the season, as he's on an expiring contract.

The Bulls could buy him out instead, especially considering his low cost ($3.4 million in 2023-24), paving the way for the Rockets to finally address their lack of a reserve big man this season. 

3. Joe Harris

Joe Harris is an elite knockdown shooter, in every sense of the imagination. Yes, I know that word "elite" gets thrown around too loosely, but it truly applies here.

Harris made 40 percent or better from deep in each of the last six seasons heading into 2023-24. And he made right at 47 percent in three of the last five years, leading the league in 3-point percentage twice.

Again, the dude can shoot.

This season, however, he's dropped to 33 percent from deep, which is a bit of a head-scratcher. Surely he didn't forget how to shoot.

His regression has likely been the result of being on the moribund Pistons, who lack playmakers. In other words, he's not being set up for the best shots. Also, his playing time has significantly decreased (10.6 minutes), which has likely prevented hm from being able to get into a rhythm, which all shooters need.

The Pistons released Harris on Thursday, paving the way for the Rockets to address their 26th-ranked 3-point shooting attack, or lack thereof.