5 heartbreaking "what if" moments in Houston Rockets history

How close was LeBron James to joining the Houston Rockets?
How close was LeBron James to joining the Houston Rockets? / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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What if?

Those are two of the most painful words that can be combined in the English language. They make for a tantalizing tandem.

We can't change the past. What if we'd acted differently? To paraphrase The Rock, it doesn't matter - you acted as you acted. What happened, inevitably, happened.

The Houston Rockets have a storied history. Many NBA franchises cannot claim back-to-back NBA championships. At the same time, they also have some scars. There's no shortage of "what if" moments in the Rockets' history.

Here are five of the most heartbreaking ones.

What if the Houston Rockets drafted Kawhi Leonard?

If you've got a sensitive stomach, don't look at the 2011 NBA Draft.

You looked. We knew you would. The Rockets had the 14th pick. They selected Marcus Morris. That was a fine selection - Morris has roughly lived up to the expectations of a 14th overall selection.

Who was picked 15th? Oh, just Kawhi Leonard. The Rockets passed on a superstar for a role player in 2011. That happens - general managers are not clairvoyant.

Still, this what-if moment stings.