5 Houston Rockets at risk of being traded this summer

Could the Houston Rockets move on from Dillon Brooks this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets move on from Dillon Brooks this summer? / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Houston Rockets fans are growing attached. Who could blame them? This team has an exciting young core. Who wouldn't want to see them grow together?

Tilman Fertilla? Possibly? Rafael Stone? We wouldn't rule it out. This is the NBA. Trades happen, whether we want them or not.

Recently, it's been rumored that the Rockets could go star hunting this summer. That doesn't necessarily mean moving one of the young bucks. The Rockets could theoretically build a package around some of their veterans and draft capital.

With that said, if the fish is big enough, it's going to require some substantial bait. We can't rule out the possibility that a member of "the core six" gets moved this summer.

Here are five Rockets at risk of being traded in the offseason.

5. Jock Landale

Give Stone some credit - he knows how to structure a team-friendly deal. Landale makes $8 million a season through 2026-27, but he has a team option every summer. Such a flexible contract could make for a valuable trade chip.

At the same time - give Landale some credit as well. He's filled in admirably for an injured Alperen Sengun. Landale is averaging 4.1 points and 3.0 rebounds per game in 2023-24, and 8.0 points and 4.8 rebounds per game in March.

Throughout much of this season, Landale looked like a third-string big. Now, it looks like an ankle injury was impeding him. Landale is a heady player, a strong positional passer, and a decent drop coverage rim protector. Most importantly, he always plays with effort.

Still, he won't be untouchable by any means this summer.