5 Houston Rockets at risk of being traded this summer

Could the Houston Rockets move on from Dillon Brooks this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets move on from Dillon Brooks this summer? / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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1. Alperen Sengun

Sengun has been the Rockets' best player in 2023-24. He's also been absent for the team's best stretch. What should the Rockets make of that?

In all likelihood, nothing. Let's play devil's advocate.

Sengun primarily operates in the paint. That keeps his primary assignment - often, a rim protector- in the same area. Does that make life harder for Jalen Green? What about Amen Thompson?

Meanwhile, Sengun is a limited defender. For some, that's an especially significant flaw in a big man. Sengun may be the type of player that you need a particular roster in order to build around.

That doesn't mean that the Rockets should rush to trade him. Ime Udoka can find offensive sets that keep him out of the paint. If Sengun were to operate more out of the high post, or as a dribble hand-off hub, he could develop a lethal two-man game with Green.

Moreover, the Rockets had an elite defense with Sengun in the middle throughout most of the year. All told, this team should probably stay the course when it comes to their two 2021 draftees.

Still, don't get too attached to either - who knows who might be available?