5 NBA free agent targets with ties to Houston Rockets' coach Ime Udoka

Houston Rockets v Philadelphia 76ers
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No. 3 - Bruce Brown

Not every player on Houston's wish list has to be a superstar, as Bruce Brown is another name who would make a lot of sense. Fresh off a championship-winning season with the Denver Nuggets, it seems inevitable that Brown will decline his upcoming player option to test the free agent market. The Rockets could be a sneaky-good landing spot if those events take place.

Brown is the type of player that every team in the league would love to get their hands on. He's a scrappy, tough, and energetic guard who hustles, plays defense, and doesn't know how to turn any of it off. All of those attributes were on full display during Brown's playoff showing with Denver, and they could hypothetically help the Rockets. As they look to get back in contention, adding a role player of Brown's caliber would certainly help Houston.

If he declines his $6.8 million player option, Brown could undeniably earn himself a nice raise on the free agent market; it would not be surprising if he doubled that income. Perhaps cashing out on a huge raise while reuniting with Ime Udoka, who was his coach with the Brooklyn Nets, would be an enticing one-two punch for Brown as he ponders his next steps in the NBA. For now, the champ will likely spend the next few weeks celebrating.