5 NBA free agent targets with ties to Houston Rockets' coach Ime Udoka

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No. 4 - Grant Williams

Speaking of glue guys who are well-known for their sheer energy and hustle, Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics should be another target for the Rockets. After serving as a key cog during the team's deep playoff run in 2022, Williams was in and out of the rotation this past season. If a fresh start is in order, the Houston Rockets should give him a call in an attempt to lure him to Houston.

Williams' hustle, outside shooting, and defense are all reasons why he should be on Houston's radar. As mentioned with Bruce Brown, every player needs a player who does the dirty work, and Williams is not afraid to be that piece. He'd fit seamlessly with Houston's core, giving them a quality role player who could also shore up their forward depth with a versatile piece. Ime Udoka knows a lot about what Williams could bring, as he coached him with the Boston Celtics in 2021-22, which included a trip to the NBA Finals.

After his turbulent year in Boston, Williams is set to hit restricted free agency with a qualifying offer of $8.5 million. He could certainly get more than that on the market, especially from a team like Houston. With Williams' role being inconsistent this past season, it will be interesting to see if the Celtics look to bring the forward back for another go-round, as they can match any deal thrown his way. Regardless, the Rockets should look to make an offer with the hope of bringing him aboard.