5 NBA free agent targets with ties to Houston Rockets' coach Ime Udoka

Houston Rockets v Philadelphia 76ers
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No. 5 - Blake Griffin

All young teams need a veteran presence on their roster. Eric Gordon was that piece for Houston last season before he was dealt to the LA Clippers at the trade deadline. As the Rockets look for a veteran this off-season, Blake Griffin is a name at least worth considering, as he'd bring plenty of experience and leadership to this young team looking to make a name for itself moving forward.

On the court, Griffin's role has decreased mightily compared to years past. While he may not be the six-time All-Star player he once was, Griffin can still be a fine forward in a rotation.

He might not be a key cog with a team such as the Rockets, but he could certainly provide some depth and occasionally give them some solid minutes when called upon. His veteran presence and leadership for the young guys would be the main factor in this potential scenario.

Heading to Houston would reunite Griffin with Udoka, who coached him as a member of the Nets back in 2020-21. Unlike many of the other pieces on this list, Griffin would not be a costly addition for the Rockets, as he's coming off his least productive season to date. Adding Griffin would not be a needle-tipping move by any means, but it could be a fine locker-room move for the young Houston Rockets.