5 reasons Kevin Porter Jr. will be the lynch-pin to the Rockets success next season

Denver Nuggets v Houston Rockets
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2. KPJ having a bad attitude could impede the Rockets' potential climb

Of course, all of this would be amazing, but we also have to understand that this will be a pretty big blow to Porter Jr’s ego. Enter the the latter scenario I mentioned earlier.

If he feels undermined by the team, and that this demotion is a slap in the face to the work he’s put in, then it could spell real trouble for this team. KPJ was not exactly thrilled about the Rockets drafting a point guard with their top pick, as made apparent with this tweet.

So I can only imagine how he felt when Fred VanVleet was brought in to be the starting point guard. This is probably the most passive-aggressive way to tell someone that you’re a wing going forward.

Given Porter Jr’s history, there is real concern about his attitude toward these changes. A bitter player can quickly sour the chemistry of a team, especially one as young as the Houston Rockets.