5 reasons Kevin Porter Jr. will be the lynch-pin to the Rockets success next season

Denver Nuggets v Houston Rockets
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1. KPJ could make life easier for Ime Udoka

Although Ime Udoka is known to be a disciplinarian and relates well with players, there is a limit to how much one man can be accountable for. Regardless of how skilled a coach is, the first year of guiding a young team will not be easy.

There will be the habits that were picked up during the Stephen Silas era that must be broken and the young players must learn to be a professional in a league that puts business over winning at times. Udoka did a great job managing the locker room of the Boston Celtics' young team, however, this team is even younger and will require more patience when conveying what is required to be great. 

At the end of all of this, it will require the man himself to trust in Udoka’s plan for him or to plot his own intentions. I am quite optimistic though, as Kevin Porter Jr was present during Udoka’s introductory press conference, and in no world do I see KPJ challenging Udoka’s authority.

The Rockets have a talent problem at hand, which is a sign of budding good teams, the management and development of these pieces will determine how far up the standings the Rockets can climb. Kevin Porter Jr. has the ability to be one of the elite wings in the NBA, just like his teammate Jalen Green.

The hope is that they push each other to climb toward the upper echelon of off-guards, giving the Rockets an explosive and sustainable offense for years to come. Manu was an enigma as well, and maybe KPJ can have a similar career.

Sacrifice for his teammates to see, and help build a culture that can win multiple championships. Maybe the Harden comparisons were a bit clunky, but I think the Manu mold could be legendary for KPJ.