6 best undrafted talents to play for the Houston Rockets

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6. Chris Clemons

It may be a surprise to see Chris Clemons on this list, as he didn’t last very long in Houston. In fact, Clemons only played one season with the Rockets and he didn’t get much playing time at that (8.8 minutes in 2019-20).

Hell, he hasn’t played an NBA game since being released by the Rockets.

But he was a gem of a find for the franchise, as the diminutive guard flashed the ability to drop buckets in college. At Campbell University, the 5’9 guard led the nation in scoring, as he averaged 30.1 points as a senior. Talk about instant offense.

In spite of that, he still went undrafted.

Clemons instantly displayed his scoring ability in the Summer League, where he averaged 20.8 points per game on 43.6 percent from long range. Clemons didn’t garner much playing time on the Rockets, as former coach Mike D’Antoni wasn’t too keen on developmental prospects (or young players in general) but he did have two stellar performances against the Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Against Miami, Clemons dropped 16 points on 73.5 percent true shooting in just 22 minutes of action. Against Minnesota, the diminutive bucket-getter scored 19 points on 86.4 percent true shooting.

It's a shame that Clemons didn’t land a permanent home in Houston, as Rockets fans will always wonder what could’ve been. Especially over the course of the team’s rebuild over the last several years.