6 best undrafted talents to play for the Houston Rockets

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1. Chuck Hayes

Chuck Hayes was a small-ball center before it was even a thing. Perhaps this is why he went undrafted, despite averaging nearly a double-double in each of his final years at Kentucky.

Hayes made the All-SEC team twice and even took home the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award during his time with the Wildcats. Hayes' suffocating defense continued in the NBA, and his versatility allowed him to play alongside Yao Ming.

In addition, Hayes was able to man the fort when Yao went down with injury, due, in large part, to his defense. And it's not like Hayes played in an era similar to the current one, in which dominant big men are less of a threat.

Hayes went up against the best of the best and was able to neutralize them, despite standing just 6-foot-6. Hayes became an instant fan favorite and even worked in the Rockets' front office up until this summer, when he bolted for the Golden State Warriors.