9 players the Rockets can land for Victor Oladipo

Houston Rockets v Sacramento Kings
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9. P.J. Tucker

It's no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers are open to shopping PJ Tucker, who is 38-years-old and has a $11 million player option at the end of the 2023-24 season. The Rockets know exactly what Tucker brings on a nightly basis, as they had a front-row seat to three of the best seasons of his career.

Yes, I know he's not the same player. That part is obvious.

His scoring was down to just 3.5 points per contest in 2022-23- easily the lowest mark of his career as a starter. Tucker still made 39.3 percent of his threes, which the Rockets could use. I know, I've talked about their lack of shooting countless times, and rightfully so.

They made just 32.7 percent of their threes last season and didn't address that deficit in the offseason (unless Reggie Bullock moves the needle for you).

Tucker is still capable of making hustle plays and playing good defense, even if his skills have diminished a bit. In addition, he'd provide veteran leadership and championship experience, which Ime Udoka has been seeking to add to the Rockets' young core.

The math works evenly for Oladipo, and the Sixers would likely want second-round draft capital in return. Especially since they were stripped of draft compensation after the league's tampering investigation.