A hard look at Harden and five veteran point guards for the Rockets

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Five
Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Five / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets sit squarely at the center of NBA offseason chatter, with speculations swirling about a potential comeback of the inimitable James Harden. Harden is now eligible for an astounding $200 million contract over four years - a princely sum that would make even seasoned players blink.

Is James Harden, as superb as he undoubtedly is, worth such a substantial chunk of the Rockets' salary cap? Would allocating a major portion of their financial resources to Harden be a wise investment, considering it would limit their capacity to strengthen other aspects of the team?

Should the Rockets decide to retain their fourth overall pick in the NBA Draft, experts are forecasting they may bring point guard Amen Thompson into the ranks. Thompson's impressive skill set and raw potential could invigorate the offense, bringing in another shot-creator who can make his teammates better.

A hard look at Harden and five veteran point guards for the Rockets

But this wouldn't preclude the need for a seasoned veteran at the point guard position. The benefits of bringing in a player with extensive NBA experience and proven leadership are immense, especially in bolstering a team ripe with emerging talents.

Veteran guards Patrick Beverley, Dennis Schroeder, and Gabe Vincent all sit in the pool of potential free agents.

#5-4. Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schroder

Our very own former Rocket, Beverley, is a tried and tested warrior, renowned for his dogged defensive play. Schroder brings a versatile set of skills to the table, boasting the ability to create his own shot and act as a facilitator.

#3. Gabe Vincent

Meanwhile, Vincent, though a relatively new name in comparison, has showcased impressive playoff poise with the Miami Heat.

#2-1. Mike Conley and Chris Paul

The Rockets also have the assets to trade for the likes of Mike Conley and Chris Paul. Conley continues to prove his worth as a reliable playmaker and floor general despite the years, while Paul's impressive performance with the Phoenix Suns, driving them to an NBA Finals appearance, underscores his immense value as a seasoned point guard.

The upcoming decisions will fundamentally shape the trajectory of our Rockets. Will we opt to pour a vast portion of our resources into re-signing a familiar face in Harden? Or will we look to the horizon, investing in the promise of the future with Thompson and a veteran point guard to guide him?