All eyes on Rockets Jalen Green as the NBA Preseason approaches

Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets
Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Jalen Green is going to be the heart and soul of this Rockets team. With no other established veterans remaining as potential starters, this team is officially Green's to lead.

Before anyone gets too far ahead of themsleves with the questions, yes, Eric Gordon is still going to be a leader on this Rockets team for as long as he remains in Houston. Gordon still has the most expereince in the locker room amongst the guys who should play, but this team officially belongs to Jalen Green where it matters.

This change started to transpire during Green's rookie season. There were obviously some growing pains, but there reached a point in the season towards the end where it felt like the team lived and died by Green's performances.

Green's attitude was infectious. The team responded better to his hit shots more than any other player on the court.

Christian Wood might have been the guy at an All-Star level, but Jalen Green was the one who brought the juice for the Rockets.

With Wood gone and Gordon likely to leave once the season begins, this teams is going to live and die by Jalen Green even more than last season. And, for what it's worth, this was probably still going to be the case even if Wood and Gordon were set to remain.

Green needs to be a star for this Rockets team to succeed. The good news for Rockets fans is that we all saw 'star' poking out of Green's game once he got more comfortable in his role.

It wasn't always perfect, but the growth was there. This continued growth through the 2022 season is going to help set this Rockets team up for the future more than any other player for the franchise.

Jalen Green has already proven to some that he is a star. This upcoming season is going to convine a lot more people that this is a fact.

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