Alperen Sengun has the right idea about future for the Rockets

Houston Rockets Media Day
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New Rockets star and future superstar Alperen Sengun has the right idea about the 2022 season and beyond for the Rockets.

The 2022 season is not all going to be easy for the Houston Rockets. This team is young and has a lot of new players that are stepping into new and larger roles. Moves like this will lead to stretches of good and bad.

This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people. While things are turning up, they are going to take time to fully come to fruition.

Even new starting center Alperen Sengun gets this.

Sengun is right. 2022 is probably not going to be the year where this all comes together. There are just too many moving pieces to expect anything dramatic in the short term.

But beyond that is where this team will get interesting. Jalen Green is growing quickly. Jabari Smith was one of the best rookies in the class. Alperen Sengun looked like one of the steals of the 2021 NBA Draft.

The pieces are there. They will just take time to fit together as a cohesive group.

The biggest focus for the season in 2022 needs to be getting everyone on the same page for the future. The results in 2022 don't really matter as far as wins and losses are concerned. Sure, it would be nice to see more wins in that colum than we have over the past two years, but growth of the stars is really all that matters.

It might not always be easy, but as long as the Rockets are getting better for their future, this next season is going to be a major win for the young team that has such a bright future.

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