Best breakout candidate for the Houston Rockets in 2022

Minnesota Timberwolves v Houston Rockets
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The Houston Rockets are going to be focused on building during the 2022 season. That becomes easier if they have a new face break out.

The main goal in 2022 for the Houston Rockets has to be developing Jalen Green and their lottery rookie. Everything past that point is extra.

With that being said, it would help out Houston a lot if they can have one extra player break out alongside growth from Kevin Porter Jr. at point guard.

When looking at the roster and who could take the biggest jump in the upcoming season, Alperen Sengun looks like the most likely player for this title.

Sengun has become a bit of a divisive player for Rockets fans over the past few months. Does the team need to trade him? Was he the steal of the draft in 2022? Is he going to be an All-Star this year?

Reality sits somewhere in the middle. Sengun has shortcomings, contrary to what some see from his per-36 numbers or other projections, but he does also deserve an increased role on this team.

If the coaching staff sees this, there is a chance that the franchise could move off of Christian Wood this offseason to force Sengun into a large role and to see what he can do with those minutes.

Based on everything we have seen so far, those extra minutes should help make a case for Sengun to get even more time on the court going forward.

None of this is to say that Sengun is a bonafide starter of the future for this team or a lock to be on it alongside the current young core, but he could be an important piece if the Rockets want to get more from their five if they get a guy like Banchero that struggles defensively.

If Sengun is on the court for close to thirty minutes next season, it is hard to see another guy on this team as the more likely breakout candidate.

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