Best fits for Houston Rockets Christian Wood in trade

Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks
Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

If the Houston Rockets do make the decision to trade Christian Wood, a handful of destinations stand above the rest as the best fits for the future.

As it stands, the Houston Rockets probably aren't in a perfect position to trade Christian Wood. The coming weeks should make this seem like a better idea if the cards fall in the right way, and Wood should have a decent market if this does transpire.

For Wood and the Rockets, the best destinations will be contenders to maximize value for all parties. The Rockets probably won't have to worry about seeing Wood in the playoffs for the next little while anyway, so Houston could just focus on value of the return above all else.

If the cards were to fall perfectly for Wood, his best chance of winning in his new destination is probably Memphis.

The Grizzlies have a good core that is primed to stay together this offseason, a superstar in Ja Morant that can bring out the most in anyone, and a great coach in Taylor Jenkins.

Wood would get a chance to play on a team that should be a favorite for the two or three seed next season and would be a great fit on that Memphis team with his competent shooting abilities-even if his defense is nothing to write home about.

The next-best team for Wood to end up on would be the Mavericks. Dallas desperately needs another star to pair with Luka, and while Wood by himself is probably not enough to make that team a title favorite, Luke did show that even passable shooting from his supporting cast was enough to win games.

The Mavs might hold onto their other resoruces a bit more in an effort to find that next player, but they should be willing to deal just like Memphis.

There are a few other contenders out there that could get creative to acquire Wood, such as a wild card like the Clippers if they made some moves, but Wood does seem like a perfect fit for Memphis or Dallas.

Whether the Rockets are game for a trade remains to be seen, but fans can rest assured that this is going to be a hot topic of discussion in Houston for a while.

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