Biggest area for Jalen Green to focus on in 2022 for Rockets

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

Jalen Green was able to get the offensive side of his game to click with the Rockets at the end of his rookie year and will hopefully take similar steps on defense in 2022.

Everyone on the planet can watch the Rockets for a few minutes and come to the conclusion that Jalen Green is one of the most talented players on the court.

It might have taken him some time, but Green was able to find his identity on the offensive side of the court as an all-around threat.

Whether it is finishing at the basket or in his developing shot from range, Jalen Green can make it happen on that end of the court. Finding a way to put both of these halves together is obviously going to be the focus for the young guard that is quickly becoming the face of the franchise, but the other side of the ball matters too.

The Rockets have made it clear through their draft picks and free agent moves that defense is going to be a focal point for this team. There is a healthy mix of guys that played well on this end of the court last year and a few newcomers that are known for what they do on defense (Eason and Smith), and Green is going to have to take his game to the next level to lead this group.

Jalen Green isn't bad on defense, but it just doesn't live up to his offensive skillset or to that of his teammates' defensive skillsets.

For this team to work, Jalen Green is going to have to be beyond dominant on both ends sooner rather than later, and 2022 looks like the perfect opportunity for the star to begin this transition.

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