Bill Simmons should no longer have a platform after his latest Rockets take

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Bill Simmons has been drawing the ire of Houston Rockets fans for years. At this point it seems it's his kink.

Simmons has definitely earned the reputation of an anti-Rockets talking head, as he tends to lose the ability to provide formidable analysis when discussing the franchise. His Rockets content is usually centered around trade proposals that serve no material benefit for the Rockets, as it seems he's developed an authentic disdain towards the team.

Case in point, his latest take on his signature Bill Simmons podcast, which suggests that the Rockets should deal Jalen Green to the Charlotte Hornets for draft capital.

"I just wish he was on a different team, because I don't think he needs this team and vice versa. Like I was thinking.

They have a top-four protected pick, so it's a little dicey for them. They could just end up losing the sixty pick in the draft.

I was thinking Charlotte for him. What would happen if they called Charlotte and they said 'give us your unprotected pick this year and another pick in 2030 and we'll send you Jalen Green."

First of all, would Houston even wanna do that. Second, would Charlotte go 'oh, LaMelo Ball and Jalen Green. How about two unprotected firsts? We'll do it.'

Like it just feels like if you put him on that team, I'm so much more excited about what his future is. 

This Houston team, they just have too many guards and small forwards, and people who need the ball. I just don't think there's enough basketballs.

Basketball doesn't work that way. Whitmore is gonna come in and he's gonna wanna shoot for five minutes."

Bill Simmons' latest Rockets take reeks of ignorance

Simmons thought he was in his bag with this one and ummm....yeah, that wasn't the case. AT ALL.

For starters, Cam Whitmore, although he has looked great, isn't even guaranteed a role this season. Many expect him to spend a considerable amount of time in the G-League.

But even if he does land a considerable role with the Rockets as a rookie, his presence alone won't be enough for the Rockets to trade Jalen Green. If Whitmore blossoms this season, the Rockets will want to pair his contributions with Green's, not split them up.

Simmons' take is also surprising, considering his footprint on the Boston sports market. One would surmise that he'd know Ime Udoka, who previously coached Simmons' hometown Celtics, prefers an offensive philosophy centered around ball movement.

In other words, there won't be an issue of players needing the ball and clashing for touches, as everyone will be touching the ball. Not to mention that the Rockets added a legitimate point guard in free agency in Fred VanVleet and drafted another pass-first point guard in Amen Thompson.

Distributing the ball won't be an issue for this Rockets team. If anything, this take would be more accurate if it was being made one year ago, when the Rockets' offense was essentially based on isolation and allowing the young guns to figure it out on the floor, without much structure or guidance.

But then again, Simmons should know that, right? If he's going to be providing analysis on a team, you'd hope he'd have his ducks in a row and his facts laid out before offering his opinion.

If that's too much to ask, perhaps he may be better off not speaking on things he's unfamiliar with. And if that's too much to ask, perhaps it's time for Mr. Simmons to take up a different profession.