Does the Brooklyn Nets' firing of Steve Nash help or hurt the Houston Rockets?

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How the Steve Nash firing hurts the Houston Rockets 

The first reaction of most Rockets fans when hearing the news of Nash’s demise was likely jubilation. As I so eloquently stated earlier, when a coach gets axed this early in a season, it’s usually a sign of impending collapse. 

However, Nash was frankly fired for cause and not just because Durant wanted him gone. The Nets had underperformed during his tenure, the offense and defense have looked like a mess, and he has clearly struggled to manage the superstar egos at his disposal. The problem with the Nets has never been the roster. The problem with the Nets has been the performance on the court. 

It remains to be seen if another coach can coax the on-paper talent of the Nets and transmit it to the court, but doing nothing was probably going to lead to the same disappointment that has permeated into every corner of the organization.  

The Nets are reportedly in conversations with the Boston Celtics’ currently suspended head coach, Ime Udoka, per The Athletic’s Shams Charania. Udoka was an assistant on Nash’s staff in 2020-21 when the Nets had their most successful season under Nash. With how the Celtics took flight under Udoka and how the Nets flopped in his absence, there could be a massive turnaround for the Nets under Udoka. 

As an added bonus, the Nets' firing of Nash should also make Kevin Durant happy. He remains their most important player and having him all-in is a necessity for the Nets’ short and long-term chances. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers fired David Blatt a season after making the Finals and in a season where he had them as the one seed in the Eastern Conference. They knew he wasn’t the right coach, and they promoted Tyronn Lue who guided them to a championship. The Nets are hoping this is their David Blatt move, and that means success. 

The Rockets are hoping the Nets implode. If the Nash firing ends up being a stabilizing move, then the value of the Nets’ outgoing picks could head down the draft board and toward the second round. 

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