Buy or sell on the latest rumors surrounding the Houston Rockets

Could the Houston Rockets really trade for Donovan Mitchell?
Could the Houston Rockets really trade for Donovan Mitchell? / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Rumors get a bad rap. While it's true that the rumor mill can often churn out disinformation. At the same time, it takes a discerning listener to determine the validity of what they're hearing.

Take the Houston Rockets. As a competitive team that missed the playoffs this year, they're the subject of rumors. The Rockets want to improve, so they're strong candidates to make roster moves that help them accomplish that goal.

Still, every proposed move won't be grounded in reality. Some will be works of fiction. Here, we'll attempt to discern fact from fiction. We're buying - or selling - the latest rumors surrounding the Rockets.

1. Jeff Green, Jae'Sean Tate likely to return

Tate had the misfortune of featuring in our "Rockets who shouldn't be back piece". Recent rumors indicate that the front office disagrees.

Fair enough. Tate is a hard-working, versatile defensive player. We'd like to see his rotation spot go to someone who can shoot better than 29.9% from long-range. Still, the Rockets can justify keeping Tate around as an insurance policy. If nothing else, they probably like the tone he sets in practice.

Meanwhile, bringing Green back is likely a no-brainer. This is the last year of his contract, and he's a strong mentor for this young roster. Expect to see both of them back in Rockets uniforms for 2024-25.

Verdict: Buy the return of both players