Can the Houston Rockets make Draymond Green eat his words?

Draymond Green, not caring about the Houston Rockets
Draymond Green, not caring about the Houston Rockets / Tim Warner/GettyImages

If someone tells you that they don't care about you, you should believe them. If they tell you again?

Well. They seem to be spending a lot of energy on letting you know that they don't care about you, aren't they? It's almost as if...they do care. So, Houston Rockets fans should be thanking Draymond Green right now. He cares.

""I don't give a damn about the Houston Rockets""

Draymond Green

He really cares.

Draymond Green cares about the Houston Rockets

Sure, if this was an isolated incident, we'd take Green's word at face value. It wasn't. These days, it seems like Green is entirely fixated on the Rockets.

These are the impassioned words of a man who cares. Here's hoping that the feeling is mutual. The Rockets ought to care about Green and his Golden State Warriors as well.

They're playing them in a pivotal contest this evening.

Houston Rockets still in play-in contention

After all, the play-in is still mathematically within reach. That's not to say it's a likelihood. The Warriors are three games ahead of the Rockets in the standings, and they've got a softer schedule moving forward.

Still, this season was always about getting the young Rockets some meaningful experience. This is meaningful. There's value in fighting until the end. The Rockets' young core will know how it feels to be resilient if they come out on top in tonight's contest.

Besides, there's more at stake than just the play-in tournament.

Houston Rockets can topple rivals tonight

These are the Golden State Warriors.

They're the reason that the Rockets haven't secured an NBA title since the 90s. What's that? Even if Chris Paul hadn't torn his hamstring in the 2017-19 Western Conference Finals, there's no assurance that the Rockets would have defeated LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers?


Either way, this was a real rivalry for some time. When the Warriors were in the midst of their dynastic run, only the Rockets were competing with them in the Western Conference. They were never able to overcome them. So, a victory in tonight's contest would be especially sweet.

We'll see if Draymond Green cares then.