Colin Cowherd is laughably wrong about Rockets PG John Wall

Chicago Bulls v Houston Rockets
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Colin Cowherd is badly mistaken in saying that current Rockets point guard John Wall never made his teammates better.

John Wall has only been a member of the Rockets for a short time and is not long for this team, but any disrespect that comes his way still deserves to be disputed.

In what has become more of a commonplace in recent years, media personalities that thrive on clicks have become more and moire inflammatory in their takes towards players in an effort to gain views.

Well, Colin Cowherd was able to do as much with his take on John Wall and Russell Westbrook, but he isn't getting much support for his take. This is the norm for shows like this, and Cowherd is right to get torched for this view.

No matter how you want to slice it, dominant players like John Wall always have a way of making their teammates better both on and off the court.

Whether you look at the nine assists per game that he averaged during his time with the Wizards, the open courts he created by being a nightmare to defend, or the fact that he got several mediocre players very generous contracts, Wall has a clear history that proves Cowherd wrong in nearly every way.

The Wizards players were better because of Wall when they won forty games or more five years in a row.

The Rockets, who were in part trying to lose, fell off immediately once they put Wall on ice and desperately missed his ability to distribute the ball.

The team success is obvious, and if that isn't proof of making your teammates better, you probably aren't looking close enough. Then, you look at individual players.

Trevor Ariza's last great season came with the Wizards. Otto Porter Jr. steadily grew under Wall and then collapsed one season after leaving Washington. Marcin Gortat-quality Wizards player, liability for the Clippers the next year.

There is an obvious patter here. These guys didn't just fall off due to age or something else, although that could play a minor role. Regardless, the obvious underlying thread here is that these guys played worse when they weren't lined up with John Wall, and it is impossible to look at their careers and argue otherwise.

The individual player stats, team stats, and contracts will continue to prove the same point. It is laughable to act like John Wall, one of the best point guards in the NBA for the better part of a decade, never made a teammate better.

In fact, while Wall may not be on the court now, he is still making an active effort to make the Rockets better outside of games and providing assistance from the sideline, which just continues to show that Cowherd's comments were all for show in the first place and not founded in reason.

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