Controversial former Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. lands deal in Europe

A Greek basketball club is offering former Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. a second chance
A Greek basketball club is offering former Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. a second chance / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

Every player in the NBA is a human being first and foremost. We can't forget that. At the same time, it doesn't follow that every player in the NBA is a good person.

Even that assertion raises further questions. What is a "good person?" What are the defining characteristics of goodness? Can a good person do bad things? Can a bad person be redeemed?

These are questions that fans of the Houston Rockets have grappled with in recent years. There were plenty of opportunities to question Kevin Porter Jr.'s character. When he was arrested and charged with strangulation and assault on his then-girlfriend in a New York hotel last summer, it felt like we had our answers.

Now, Porter Jr. is being offered a shot at redemption.

Former Houston Rockets guard gets deal in Europe

Greek club PAOK BC has offered Porter Jr. a deal for the remainder of their season.

In all likelihood, Porter Jr. will try to leverage that deal into an NBA return. We'll see about that. After all, the questions surrounding Porter Jr. had little to do with his talent.

Sure, there was debate about his future. Some Rockets fans thought Porter Jr. had superstar potential. Others saw a long-term sixth man. Still, Porter Jr.'s status as an NBA-caliber talent was never in question.

It's always been a matter of his status as an NBA-caliber character that has concerned people.

Former Houston Rockets guard no stranger to controversy

Porter Jr.'s criminal charges were no isolated incident. They were the culmination of years of troubling behavior. This isn't the first mistake he's made - it's simply the worst one.

Porter Jr. had similar legal trouble in college. He landed on the Rockets after instigating a food fight with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Once arriving in Houston, he left a game at halftime and allegedly smashed a DJ's laptop in an off-court incident.

Is this someone who can succeed in the National Basketball Association?

Houston Rockets cannot touch Porter Jr.

Who knows?

Domestic assault is a vile act. At the same time, one wants to believe in the possibility of redemption. It's possible that Porter Jr. can get on the right track and return to the NBA.

Let's get ahead of something right now - that return should not be to the Houston Rockets. Realistically, some fans are already hoping to see that happen.

They should reconsider their stance. The Rockets are in a good place. The Porter Jr. era is over. This team needs to be focused on an increasingly bright future, not reaching back into a troubled past.

Taking a flyer on Porter Jr. made sense when the Rockets took the flyer. They were in the infancy stages of a rebuild with little young talent. Now, they've got an embarrassment of riches in that department. The Rockets need to solidify a hierarchy with the players that they already have.

If Porter Jr. can redeem himself, let him do it on another NBA team.