Does popular draft prospect give Rockets needed boost?

Saint Peter's v Purdue
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The Houston Rockets are starting to show up in a lot more conversations surrounding Jaden Ivey. Is the fit there?

It generally doesn't matter who you ask, Jaden Ivey is almost assuredly the top prospect in the 2022 NBA Draft. The Houston Rockets, who are guaranteed one of the top picks in the draft, are surely keeping their eyes on the guard from Purdue.

Ivey has almost every tool that could start to make teams drool as they watch the playoffs. One player in particular has exploded onto the scene as one of the best players in the NBA, and it just so happens that Ivey has enough of the traits to start getting talked about as possessing a similar skillset.

No one would say that Ivey is the next Ja Morant yet, it is far too early to say anything like that, but there are plenty of similarities in their games that should cause teams to ask themselves if they are getting a chance at the next explosive player that changes a franchise.

Ivey is a taller, beefier version of Morant. He brings the speed and athleticism that made Morant such a dominant offensive player. Springy, fast, and able to make mid-air adjustments that make him successful in the paint against guys that are way taller, Ivey has a chance to make a living in the league as a point guard that finishes predominantly at the net while also being a decent shooter from range.

Again, the next Ja Morant is a bit of a stretch this early, but how can you watch the Grizzlies in the playoffs and not want a player like that on your roster?

While there are plenty of other guys that could also help the Rockets if they don't have the priority pick needed to get Ivey, it is about time to recognize that the best pick in the draft would be the best fit, regardless of need.

The thought of putting Jalen Green and Jaden Ivey together may be too great to pass up. Ivey would step in at point guard as the better distributor, and Jalen Green should be in a great position to get even more chances and build on his excellent end to the season with another dominant offensive option for the defense to plan for.

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Rockets fans don't need to marry themselves to the idea of any one player in year one just yet, but it's hard not to get excited at having the best chance in the league of adding a player that has an extremely bright future in the league.