Domino falls for Rockets to get more excited about future

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets
Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

With Kyrie Irving officially looking for a new team through a likely sign and trade, the Rockets are getting one step closer to having one of the best draft picks in the class of 2023.

While the Rockets focus on their rebuild, another fun area to keep an eye on is Brooklyn with the Nets.

The success (or lack thereof) in New York is directly tied to Houston's draft future, and this sure looks like a great time for that to be the case.

Kyrie Irving and the Nets are finally looking for a way to end their rocky partnership, and this couldn't be better news for the team that owns most of Brooklyn's quality draft picks going forward.

Irving is far from the heart or the most important player on that Nets team, but this is a good sign for the Rockets and the rest of the NBA that there will be more trouble on the way for the Nets.

Will Kevin Durant really want to stay with a team that wasn't good enough to make it out of the first round with Irving? Two of the three major stars that have come to Brooklyn are gone, and the team success never met the lofty levels that were expected for such a trio.

The rest of the NBA world should see this experiment in team building as an abject failure, and it makes sense to believe that Durant could see the same thing in the coming weeks and then request a trade rather than festering in mediocrity.

Without Durant or Irving, this Nets team is one of the worst in the NBA, and that only increases the chances that the Rockets can get a shot at the top pick in the class of 2023.

Hopefully the collapse continues.

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