Eric Gordon has right mentality for future with Rockets

Houston Rockets Media Day
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Eric Gordon may not be on the Rockets much longer, but the good news is that both sides are focused on making the most of this pairing.

The Rockets and Eric Gordon were an excellent pairing when they first happened. The Rockets were going through one of their most exciting stretches in franchise history and Gordon was able to fit in with the rest of the franchise like a glove.

At this point in his career, Gordon is certainly an aging veteran, but last season shows us that Gordon still has plenty of gas left in the tank to make a contribution from beyong the arc and with his defense.

Despite all of this, the Rockets are currently focused on getting younger and finding ways to get new guys onto the court. Trade rumors have swirled since before the 2022 NBA Draft, and while it looked like Gordon was going to be on his way to the 76ers, he is currently still on the Rockets.

The rumors aren't bothing either side.

Sure, it would be very cool if a guy as important as Gordon was able to stay on the roster for a bit longer and retire a Rocket, but he is showing that his only focus right now is playing good basketball.

This is good news for Houston in that it shows that trade rumors, of which there should be plenty during the coming weeks, aren't going to be a negative distraction.

If Gordon gets traded soon, the Rockets will find a way to fill his role with a bunch of younger players, and if he stays with the team, Gordon is going to focus on making this team as good as he possibly can. It is a win-win scenario for both sides.

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