ESPN's Bobby Marks talks Rockets ability to deal Oladipo, Jalen Green's slump, more

Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors
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Ability to turn Victor Oladipo into trade chip

"With Oladipo, there's a reason why Houston didn't waive him outright when they got him in the trade in the offseason. He's earning $9.5 million.

You can probably go out and try to get that player that can help you right now but it'll probably cost you, depending on the player you're looking for.

Whether it be second-round picks. You still have a bunch of those. 

The Brooklyn stuff hasn't even come to fruition yet. That's the other thing.

You're sitting on those unprotected ones. This year is probably not the year you wanted that. 2024 and 2026 and you've got pick swaps in 2025 and 2027.

So I'm probably not willing to do anything with those but you've got some seconds to maybe move down the road. Certainly the Oladipo contract would be something. They have a trade exception of $4.5 million so they can go out and acquire a player but you'd have to clear out a roster spot here.

But I think they're in a good position where they don't have to do anything. They can kind of just let this roster develop and kind of go into the second half of the season post trade deadline with this group."