ESPN's Bobby Marks talks Rockets ability to deal Oladipo, Jalen Green's slump, more

Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors
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Jalen Green's inconsistency

"I think he's been better. His last five games, he's close to 45 percent from three. 19 points.

There's been alot of those uneven games but I think we often forget he's only 21, he'll be 22 in another month here. And he's got the second coach in three years.

So, I'm not ready to pull the plug on the Jalen Green process. I think it'll be interesting when we get to the offseason here and he's extension eligible. 

What are you willing to do? Are you willing to commit long term money to him? Has he shown enough?

I think that's the conversation Houston will have to have. I think he's been better. Certainly, turnovers was a key but his numbers are down there. I think I need more of a body of work to make a judgment on Jalen Green."