ESPN's Bobby Marks talks Rockets ability to deal Oladipo, Jalen Green's slump, more

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Alperen Sengun's rise in year three

"Oh man. Can we try to get him in the All-Star game here? I mean, geez.

It's unbelievable as far as what he's been able to do. He's probably one of the best young centers not named Holmgren or Victor out there. 

He's a keeper. And to get a guy that's where you picked in the teens there. He's only gonna get better, and that's the scary thing for teams.

If you re-drafted that draft, he's probably top four. Top three. Somewhere around there.

Compared to where he was picked, that's a pretty big jump.

There's a developmental stage here. He took the leap. He took the rookie contract leap.

Whether it be playing for a different coach, whether it's the style, whether it be having Fred and Dillon out there, whether it's just the roster improving in general. 

He's been good. He's been really good but I think there's another phase to his development."