ESPN's Bobby Marks talks Rockets turnaround, Udoka's impact, Stone's performance

2023 NBA Summer League - Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder
2023 NBA Summer League - Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages
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Offseason changes

"What, like 17, 20, and 22 wins the last three years? The hard part is A. you had to go out and hire a coach. And you've got a good one. You can see his fingerprints all over this roster.

The other thing is that, we talk about cap space and cap flexibility. Man, it is like hit or miss. To go out and get Fred [VanVleet].

I look back on it, like, free agents do not change teams. Like, since the guys in 2019, the Durant, Irving, and Kawhi group that left, guys don't do that. Like Fred is the only high-level guy who switched teams. I guess you can add Jalen Brunson in there.

He was able to do that.

You go and out get Dillon and you build out your bench with veterans like Jeff Green. And I said, the biggest unknown. They had an agreement with Brook Lopez. They had a deal with Brook Lopez to come in there and be their starting center.

Brook goes back to Milwaukee and look what happens. Your best player is probably your center in Sengun.

That's where luck come in to it a little bit. They're in the thick of it, at least for the play-in tournament and I think that's the goal.

You've got a tough schedule coming in with Minny and Milwaukee and then you go on the road with Miami."