Final Houston Rockets 2024 NBA Draft lottery big board

Could the Houston Rockets draft Reed Sheppard?
Could the Houston Rockets draft Reed Sheppard? / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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In any NBA draft, there is guesswork involved. This year, the draft's order is anybody's guess.

Think about the 2023 draft. If the Spurs had selected anyone other than Victor Wembanyama, the earth would have stopped spinning on its axis. Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, and Amen Thompson were widely expected to round out the top 4.

This upcoming draft is considered weaker. As a result, it's more subjective. Teams will be able to justify reaching for prospects without clear-cut superstars in the picture.

For that matter, Fansided pages can make similar justifications. We'll have some hot takes in this big board. You may disagree. Keep an open mind:

This is the class to be open-minded about.

14. Yves Missi, C, Baylor

Everybody has their own draft philosophy, too. Do you draft the best player available no matter what? Does fit come into play - and what about your team's needs?

The Rockets will need to ask themselves these questions. On the one hand, the team needs stronger interior defense. Yet, almost paradoxically, a stronger interior defender won't necessarily be the best fit for this roster.

Missi is unlikely to be a good fit alongside Alperen Sengun. Still, he's an interesting defensive big with quick feet and a plus wingspan. If the Rockets can stomach drafting a long-term backup with a lottery pick, he's worth taking a look at.