Final Houston Rockets 2024 NBA Draft lottery big board

Could the Houston Rockets draft Reed Sheppard?
Could the Houston Rockets draft Reed Sheppard? / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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10. Stephon Castle, G/F, UConn

Once again, we run into conflicts between fit, team needs, and everything in between.

Castle feels like a Udoka guy. He may be the best defensive guard in this class. Castle is also a solid ball-handler who may be able to create offense for himself at the NBA level.

That won't be easy with 26.7% three-point percentage. The Rockets already have a potential lead guard with shooting woes in Amen Thompson. We're lower on Castle than consensus when it comes to the Rockets for that very reason.

9. Dalton Knecht, G/F, Tennessee

If we're strictly looking at fit, Knecht should be much closer to the top of this board. He's a 39.7% three-point shooter. At 6'6", Knecht should be a solid, versatile defender at the NBA level as well.

We're not strictly looking at fit. Knecht is likely to be a limited creator in the NBA. The Rockets wouldn't be the first team to bristle at the thought of drafting a role player with a lottery pick.

After all, they can probably land comparable players in free agency at a low price. Still, there would be some merit in bringing in a cheap, cost-controlled 3-and-D guard with a lower lottery pick for a win-now Rockets team.

8. Donovan Clingan, C, UConn

Go back and read the write-up on Missi. We'll be here when you get back. Grab us a coffee on the way?

Granted, Clingan and Missi are not the same players. Missi may be more versatile, but Clingan is nearly certain to be a more dominant rim protector.

In all likelihood, he also can't play alongside Sengun. Still, the Rockets could take Clingan just to ensure they have this type of prospect on their team. In time, they could trade one or the other - or, for the right price, both.