Final Houston Rockets 2024 NBA Draft lottery big board

Could the Houston Rockets draft Reed Sheppard?
Could the Houston Rockets draft Reed Sheppard? / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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7. Cody Williams, G/F, Colorado

If you've been reading our draft coverage, you know what we're going to say. Williams shoots the three well. Why doesn't he shoot it more often?

It bears repeating. Williams' 1.7 attempts per game this year could prove problematic. If he's not a confident shooter, his 41.5% accuracy may not count for much.

Still, Williams is otherwise a well-rounded player. He's a big, versatile wing who can handle the ball, pass and defend. If his shot fully develops, he could be a hidden gem in this class.

6. Matas Buzelis, F, G-League Ignite

Another prospect, another non-shooter with a lot of upside. What's going on here?

Well, scouts will overlook a weak shot if a prospect has enough tools. That's fair - in a vacuum. In practice, the Rockets need to think carefully about drafting as spotty of a shooter as Buzelis.

Thompson isn't the only player to consider here. Sengun isn't much of a shooter, and neither is Jalen Green. If the Rockets are interested in building on their young core, they may pass on Buzelis.

5. Ron Holland, F, G-League Ignite

Another G-League Ignite prospect, another non-shooter..etc.

Holland and Buzelis are similar. Still, it feels like Holland's has more defensive upside. His ability to create opportunities in passing lanes makes him a potentially elite defensive playmaker.

Look. If the Rockets walk away from this draft with either Holland or Buzelis, that's fine. They can let them season their games with the Rio Grande Vipers throughout 2024-25. With that said, there are prospects on the board who could potentially help the main squad next season.